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House Hunting In Bedford, Lynchburg, and Roanoke VA

House Hunting

What is the best way to go about finding your next home? Well, Bedford and the surrounding areas covers a lot of miles. Bedford County is the third largest county in Virginia. The best thing to do first could be to determine where exactly is it that you want to be? Where do you work and what kind of commute are you willing to commit to? What are the schools like in the different areas of Bedford and where do you want your children to attend? Are you a city or county employee? You may be required to live in the City of Bedford or in Bedford County. You may prefer views of the Peaks of Otter and Blue Ridge Mountains or maybe the southern county near Smith Mountain Lake will suit you better.

The best thing to do after being pre-qualified by a lender is to start looking around on the internet, maybe in the newspaper, ask friends and family if they know of any homes that they may know of that could meet your needs. Make a list. Plan a Sunday drive. Do some evaluating of neighborhoods, homes, locations, drive time to your necessities: groceries, gym, shopping, work, schools, etc.

When you have a solid list of homes that meet the “Curb Appeal” test: you like the house and you ready to see the inside and move forward in considering this property seriously, call your agent and set up a time to go see the properties that interest you.

Who should you bring with you?

If you’re married, bring your spouse. You will both need to see it. You may choose to make this life altering decision by yourself but it may not be a good long term move.

Do not bring your parents. No matter how old you are, your parents tend to have a hard time letting go and they will have a hard time approving of any property you may just love. This is YOUR home. You need to make this decision. Now, you may some great parents who just want to see where you’re moving and then, by all means bring them over. Your inspector will tell you if the house is solid.

So, once the home has passed the curb appeal test and you are going to see the property, take a quick look through to see if there is enough room, you like the floor plan, your furniture may fit. Don’t worry about the carpet and paint right now. That can be changed. Do you like to cook? Make sure the kitchen is big enough. Don’t like to cook? You may want a smaller kitchen so you don’t have to clean it. If there is something going on that is small: light fixtures, a rip in the vinyl flooring, that can be fixed. If the rooms on either side of a load bearing wall are too small, that is an issue we can’t get around easily. Whatever you’re looking for, be sure to keep an open mind because you may be surprised at what you thought you wanted and what you ended up buying.

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