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The Loop, Bedford VA

Bedford,Va Oak
Image by netdog1103 via Flickr

In Bedford VA, there is an area the locals call the “LOOP”. Its 2.8 miles of sidewalk people use for walking and exercise. Its not uncommon to see people walking with pets or by themselves at all hours of the day or night and this is the same area the Bedford YMCA uses for their Christmas Classic race each year.
This area is perfect for walking /jogging as it has several rolling hills while passing many of Bedford best historical homes. For my map, I have set the starting point at the corner of Whitfield Dr. and Peaks st, as you head northeast on Whitfield you pass several contemporary homes while enjoying a slight downward slope.  As you turn the bend and ascend the first hill, you approach the Bedford Memorial Hospital and by looking to your left shoulder, you have a great view of the Peaks (Sharp Top and Flat Top Mountain). In this area you walk levels off and provides an easy area before you start the next hill.
Turn right on Oakwood and enjoy a mixture of well maintained homes with green plush lawns divided by churches. Bedford has a large amount of beautifully design churches with a variety of denominations. 1st Baptist church of Bedford is along this stretch of Oakwood, with its steeple towering high above its traditionally designed structures. Across the street is the Catholic Church which has a modern A frame design but is a work of art in its own design. A little bit further down the street is Oakwood. A 18th century painted frame home with grandiose columns that stretch two stories. Next, turn right onto Longwood and enjoy some of the most amazing homes Bedford has to offer. This 6 block area is a nice stroll with many fantastic homes to see along the way.
Right after the middle school, you turn on Peaks st (called Peaks as its the main road to the Peaks of Otter). You are greeted by more historical homes, this road almost works like a time-line of older to newer architecture. Finaly arriving at your starting point.
A insider will also tell you going the reverse directions provide a bit more of a challenge.

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