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Tattoos in the modern business proffesional world

Yes, I have tattoos! Not just one but several and some of them are quite large. Before you ask, do I regret them, not one bit. I see it as a part of my history. I was very selective about the art I had placed upon my body and it still means a great deal to me now. Needless to say, I placed one on my forearm.

Different brands and kinds of tattoo salves.
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The Bedford VA market is well, conservative. We are not the cutting edge of urban hip style, we are a business casual environment. Typically people in this area dress is khakis and polo shirts. i have lived in this area for 10 years, most of which I was in a profession whose dress requirements were suits or at least a sports coat. Basically wearing clothing that came to my wrists.
So now, here is my dilemma, am I being overly concerned about people being turned off because my tattoos? Should i look at them as something that sets me a part or should I keep them covered as some people may think of me as “less professional” since I have them.

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