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Domain names, email address. Are they important?

What does an email address say about you? Are you still using an AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail? Are you aware that your domain name appears in your email XXXX@yourdomain.com? To research a person just copy everything after the @ and you can go to their website.

Recently, I came across an email address something like kittylover@aol.com (changed slightly to protect person). This is a realtor, how can you have a business conversation and give out an email address like that? Or a realtor that doesn’t have their own domain name? In my area, some people are a little old fashioned, but to not have a domain in this day and age? We all understand there are people who have been doing this for so many years that they don’t want to change there email. There is a successful realtor who uses an email address from a local ISP (Internet service provider) who puts a limit on the size of their email box, this person gets advertising proofs from publications in his email account which fills his account meaning client emails are returned. How much business or important information do you think he is losing?

So what should somebody do?

Being a new realtor, I am very concious of presentation and getting my name/brand out there. I am fully aware how not having a domain can impact how people see you. How serious are you if you will not invest $8-$10 a year to get a domain with which most hosting companies will give you a free email account using the same domain name.


There are several opinons on what domains to buy, Do you buy your name, or a good key word phrase? First lets be real, its less then $10 per year, per domain..buy both and some variations. In addition to scottfogleman.com I own www.bedford-va-real-estate.com and they both go to the same website (which is inder construction right now). Don’t assume clients are going to search for you, think about what YOUR CLIENTS want and create a domain name that they will use. If unsure, use Google Analytics to research keywords and put them into a domain name. But do keep it simple and easy to say/remember. I have even heard people say if you can’t get a .com use a different domain name!

Where to buy domains

My partner uses GoDaddy for her domains/email hosting. I help her manager her account so I am familiar with their interface and features. Its easy to use and has a smooth interface. I do have some issues witrh the flow of the website when you are setting up certain features. I use 1and1.com I find their prices and features are better. The interface is easy to use. Both provide webhosting or the ability to forward the domain to someone to provide your website content. Both also give you a certain amount of space free with domain purchase or free domains with hosting purchase. 1and1.com does give a referral bonus for recommending their services, below is a link.

Email addresses

This is business, people what you to be serious not cute or funny. Clients are making one of the biggest decisions in their lives. So don’t use things like sportsfan@domain.com or catlover@domain.com. Again, it simple! Yourname@domain.com

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